Thursday, June 25, 2009

Phase Terminale - Rewards

A really pleasant NES song, it was exactly what I felt like hearing this morning. Phase Terminale puts out on average one release a month, a pace far less than the average 8BCer. I think it's a better pace, and that the community would be better served by only having around 5 songs uploaded every day instead of 15 or whatever it gets. Too much music over there, sometimes, and it makes artists like Phase Terminale, artists that don't have new songs every week, virtually disappear!

Phase Terminale's Website

Get It!


  1. Ahh! I love Phase Terminale!

  2. agreed. i started listening to everything on the site last week. there's a ton. i'm now seasoned to the point where if I see "test" "practice" "demo" or "this is just a little something i decided to put up, i don't really like it but you might" then I skip the track if it doesn't grab me in 30 seconds.

    quality over quantity people! we are not machines, we just use them. :-)

    Phase Terminale is dope. I'mma hafta check out more.