Monday, June 8, 2009

Dr. Szliszka - Like a Fly Into the Web

Part of an eternally long conflict between fictional supervillain Dr. Szliszka and super space hero Captain Sievert, the story behind this song is a successful trap employed by Szliszka, capturing Sievert and potentially ending their feud with the death of the universe's most legendary hero!

Updates from these guys come out pretty often and I've really enjoyed reading about it all. Today's song is truly excellent, but be sure to check out the pages of Sievert and Szliszka (two separate 8bc accounts) to get the whole story!!

Szliszka's Website
Sievert's Website

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  1. I finally caught up with your backlog of tracks! Downloading, anyhow. Listening? Well, that'll have to wait. I have to say thanks for curating this collection, but I wish you would host mp3s with correct tags. A pipe dream? Perhaps. Anyhow, thanks! And just remember that if you miss a day or two I won't mind :)


  2. Correct tags? I guess I might not be W3C compliant, but.......... As long as you use Safari 4 - The World's Fastest Web Browser™ - You'll be okay. And yeah, those were "i" tags, not "em" tags! O:

    ANYWAY how would I make these tags "correct"?